I have created this blog due to a wish of wanting to share with you my passion for practical activities and for everything that is beautiful. All the jewelries, pictures, sculptures and the decorations and so on, which will be posted here, will be made manually in small edition, or will be unique. If you like my postings and you want more details for ordering them, this is my email address: stanciu_r_florin@yahoo.com

 About me:
Hmmmmm… about me… I left this section at the last every time, I don’t like it too much J I can say that ever since I was a child I was attracted by paintings, sculptures, everything that could have been made out of my hands. Later, I started to like the idea of architecture, and later on, the auto design. I remember that while I was in school, all my notebooks were full of homes and cars sketches :D I would have liked to attend a school in these fields but I didn’t get the chance to go with my wish and I didn’t have too much time to practice my talent J. Maybe, now, I lost a bit of my dexterity and imagination, but I try hard to recover the lost time and I hope to succeed. I hope that we can change some impressions and ideas on this blog and I hope that you will like my postings … Enough about me now :P